This Is Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin Edition-Made Of Gold And Titanium Launches At $1,700

This Is Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin Edition-Made Of Gold And Titanium Launches At $1,700

The legendary Nokia phone has just been relaunched by HMD Global amid much fanfare with the Caviar phone company responding by offering a bespoke version they have christened the Supremo Putin’Caviar says its gold and titanium features gives the phone the luxury style and character of president Putin, the most popular man in Russia.

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Now in Russia, a golden version of Nokia 3310 has been released. It’s inspired by Russia’s most popular person Russian President Vladimir Putin. The aptly named Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin edition is manufactured by the Russian luxury phone maker, Caviar.

Caviar is known for making premium smartphones from time-to-time. This company ships the phone in a luxurious wooden cased that’s lined with black velvet.
Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin edition comes with a gold-plated portrait of Vladimir Putin and a gold seal with a quote from Russia’s national anthem.

The relaunched Nokia 3310 – based on the early 2000s phone of the same name – was announced on February 26, 2017 at Mobile World Congress. It’s built by a Finnish company called HMD Global, which is paying Nokia a fee to use the brand name on the handset. The phone has basic features like a web browser, voice recorder, and an FM radio, as well as a 2-megapixel camera.

It’s worth noting that the Supremo Putin edition has nothing to do with HMD Global; this is a custom project by a phone modification company. It’s not clear whether US President Donald Trump has already placed an order.