Moto G5 Plus 'BuyBack Guarantee' Plan Unveiled by Flipkart Ahead of Launch

Moto G5 Plus 'BuyBack Guarantee' Plan Unveiled by Flipkart Ahead of Launch

The Moto G5 Plus is all set to launch in India on Wednesday, and exclusive retail partner Flipkart is leaving no stone unturned to promote it. The company on Tuesday revealed it will be offering a BuyBack Guarantee with the Moto G5 Plus, revealing that customers can enjoy a fixed discount rate when exchanging the smartphone - within a certain time period.

Calling it the first BuyBack Guarantee, Flipkart has detailed the Moto G5 Plus offer on its site, though it notes that since the smartphone’s retail price has yet to be announced, it cannot reveal the exact buyback price yet.

What is Moto G5 Plus BuyBack Guarantee?

Let’s get to the offer itself. Flipkart says the Moto G5 Plus will be launched with a BuyBack Guarantee, which means that if customers choose to exchange the smartphone for another smartphone 6 to 8 months after the purchase, they will get a fixed exchange discount. An example BuyBack Guarantee of Rs. 12,001 was provided. So, if users buy a new phone worth Rs. 30,000 while exchanging their Moto G5 Plus, they will only have to pay Rs. 17,999.

Flipkart notes if customers try to buy a smartphone while exchanging the Moto G5 Plus more than 8 months after purchase, they will get a discount based on prevailing smartphone exchange rates. To be eligible for the offer, the new smartphone has to be priced higher than the Moto G5 Plus’ BuyBack Guarantee price. The Moto G5 Plus will also have to be in good condition (working with screen intact) at the time of exchange, and be returned with original box, charger, and accessories, all of which have to be in working condition as well.

Buy Moto G5 Plus online from Flipkart

The greatest range of budget mobiles available in the market- the Moto G series, are back with their latest addition to the family- the Moto G5 Plus. On the way to get launched online on the 15th of March, 2017, exclusively on Flipkart, the Moto smart phone lovers are yet again excited to explore the new piece of technology from Motorola.

The Moto G5 Plus to be available online from the 15th March, 2017 is a highly anticipated mobile phone as the Moto G series are passionately popular mobile phones for their specifications and their extremely reasonable pricing. The Moto G5 Plus price is expected to be wal less for its specifications.Prior to the Moto G5 plus, which is about to foray into the market, Moto G4 was welcomed and it totally rocked the smart phone market. The simple reason was that it took over its counterparts that were released as budget phones back then with its striking features like 1.5 GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor with a 2GB RAM, a 16MP camera on the rear and a 5MP front camera for selfies and much more. With all these basic features and a reasonable price, why would one not go for a Moto mobile

The Motorola phones are known for their great speed, excellent battery life and awesome camera. The Moto G series phones have an extremely clean software and unlike other smart phones don't give up that easy. The battery life of Moto G phones including Moto G4, Moto G3 and others stay up for very long, where Moto G4 supports Motorola's TurboPower quick charging technology which is claimed to give six hours of power with 15 minutes of charging.

Brief history of Motorola mobiles

Motorola made its first Android smartphone in 2009. It was acquired by Google on 15th August, 2011.It then got acquired by Lenovo in 2014. Motorola is a company that is said to have brought in a revolution into the Android smartphone world by manufacturing high-quality, low-price mobiles. Some of the most stylish mobiles with flip covers were from Motorola. It has had a large variety of mobile phones launched over many years right from the old hand-held device launched in 1973 , with varying design, operating on different operating systems like Linux and Windows. The MotoX and MotoE series were also quite popular among smart phone lovers.

The highly anticipated Moto G5 Plus is expected to come with some great features. Its competing with other budget phones like Xiaomi Redmi Note4, Honor 6X, Lenovo K6 Power and the like in the market which try to dethrone the Motorola product. The Moto G5 Plus available online from 15th March onwards is expected to excite all that are looking forward to this piece of technology with its features and price.