iBall CompBook i360 With 360-Degree Rotating Display-Review

iBall CompBook i360 With 360-Degree Rotating Display-Review

The iBall CompBook i360 is engineered to give you a superior multimedia experience. Powered by Windows 10 and Intel® Quad Core Processor, the iBall CompBook i360 is more than just a laptop.
With RDS3T (Robust Double Spindle 360° TechnologyNEW), it can convert into four modes: Laptop, Tablet, Stand Mode and Tent Mode. The touch-screen display offers the best computing experience in whichever mode you choose. Available in an in-vogue soft gold color, the new ergonomic design of iBall CompBook i360 transforms your experience to newer heights.

Finding a functional laptop for less than Rs.15,000 isn't too tough these days, and most big brands like Dell, HP, and Acer have something to offer in this segment. Not too long ago, we also saw Hyderabad-based startup RDP enter the market with a very compelling solution. iBall has been in this space for a while now and our previous encounter was with the CompBook Exemplaire, which was alright, but its dated CPU and questionable build quality made us think twice before recommending it

Most laptops in this segment use the same entry-level displays, CPUs and other components, but some Indian companies like iBall are aiming to raise the bar by offering convertible options. Meet the CompBook i360, a 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop that converts into a tablet - still for less than Rs.15,000. While this sounds very tempting on paper, it’s time to put it to the test and see iBall has fixed the issues we faced with its previous model.
“Touch to Open Up” and unlock a whole new world of possibilities, the all new way to connect, create and explore, adding a new dimension to your computing experience at just an unheard price of ₹ 12,999/-. It is more than just a Laptop, opening up to a whole new level of interaction to do more!


Convertible and 360° design … that lets you to work and play with versatility whether in laptop, tent, stand and tablet mode. Create while in laptop mode, Consume while in tablet mode.


With RDS3T (Robust Double Spindle 360° TechnologyNEW), it becomes possible for this laptop to convert seamlessly into above 4 common modes.
With touch-screen display, it offers the best computing experience in whichever mode you choose to use this laptop with. So whether you're on a business trip or working while on a holiday, the new CompBook i360 sports with its tasteful ergonomics that allows you to transform its design

3Classy, Ultra-Sleek and Light Weight

The stylish convertible laptop comes with Gold that you would love to flaunt with. Sleek of just 170 mm and easy to carry weighing just 1.35 kgs.

4New Goals... Better Productivity

With the all new Latest operating system Windows 10, get faster start-ups and better productivity. Intelligent power saving feature of Windows 10 help to work longer and play harder. Comes with latest Edge browser that lets you annotate and share with ease.