Canon PowerShot G1X

Canon PowerShot G1X

At Rs. 47,995 it has a ridiculous pricing for a high end point and shoot camera. Taking the large sensor size into consideration, we just keep wondering how wonderful it would have been if the camera was an interchangeable-lens one. The PowerShot S100 is still a great camera for its price, although it comes with a smaller sensor. The Nikon V1 comes at Rs. 45,450 which is still quite high a price point but you get the option to change lenses. Canon G1X with its price clearly targets photography enthusiasts, who most likely own a DSLR or those who are comfortable with manual operational modes.

Just for DSLR owners?

And that's enough to make us think Canon is being a little modest in suggesting that this is a camera for high-end DSLR owners. Given that few low-end DSLR users ever take the kit lens off their camera, then so long as they're not put off by its 'serious' looks, the G1 X could find a much bigger audience.
With its flip-out 920k dot (VGA) screen, metal construction, optical viewfinder, stabilized lens, twin control dials, customizable shortcut button and exposure compensation dial, it offers a lot to anyone who wants to get involved in the photographic process. Despite trying to create a camera that won't directly compete with its DSLRs, Canon may have inadvertently added to the list of cameras many would-be Rebel buyers will look at instead.

Canon G1 X specification highlights

  • 14MP 1.5" CMOS sensor (18.7 x 14mm)
  • 28-112mm F2.8-5.8 lens
  • Optical viewfinder
  • ISO 100-12,800
  • 3.0", 920,000 dot swivelling LCD
  • Extensive manual control
  • 14-bit Raw shooting
  • 4.5fps continuous shooting (up to 6 frames)
  • 6.8Wh NB-10L battery rated at 250 shots (CIPA standard)