PlayStation Now starts to stream PS4 games to your PC

PlayStation Now starts to stream PS4 games to your PC Starting with "private test"; we have good guess for PlayStation Now's upgrade date.

PlayStation Now, Sony's own Netflix-of-games online streaming service, is about to get a lot more attractive. The company announced on Monday that the service will begin to officially support games from its current PlayStation 4 platform starting "in 2017." Right now, PS Now only supports games from the older PS3 system.

Hothardware reports that while players could stream PlayStation 3 games to PlayStation 4 consoles and PCs, with the new functionality, it opens PlayStation Now to more current titles. But the Sony announcement did not indicate what PlayStation 4 titles that would be included in PlayStation Now. However, the website believes it would not include for now recent releases.

In shifting the focus of its PlayStation Now Game Streaming Service, Sony says it aims to further develop and improve the user experience of the PS4 and Windows 10 PCs. It would place the company in the best position to further grow the service. In early March, Microsoft made a similar move by rolling out the Xbox Game Pass service to the Xbox One and Xbox One S which granted players access to more than 100 games for $9.99 monthly.

Games Saved On Clouds

Extreme Tech reports that with the expansion of Sony’s PlayStation Now Game Streaming Service, it would include games saved on the cloud. It would allow players to start a game on one console and resume it on a different PS4 or Windows 10 PC. A game started on the living room PS4, for instance, could be resumed on a Windows 10 PC with no interruptions or problems if the TV was needed for another use.

MS Power User points out that the expansion of the Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now Game Streaming Service is evidence of gamers benefitting from competition. The Netflix-style subscriptions permit access to the latest games from Xbox One and PS4 which was unimaginable a few years ago.