Apple fanboys get burned in official “sheeple” definition

If you spend any amount of time following tech news, you’ve probably heard the term “sheeple,” which is commonly used to describe Apple zealots who believe the Cupertino is the end all, be all.

Well, Merriam-Webster this week made the slang term official, describing it as “people who are docile, compliant, or easily influenced.” So, how might one use it in a sentence?

The term truely dates back several a long time—all of the approach back to 1945, actually. It doesn’t simply practice to Apple enthusiasts—that you would be able to simply as effortlessly use it to explain followers of Google and Microsoft.

Whichever manufacturer you prefer to follow, it’s always valued at being cognizant of doing so with a degree head and sparsely. I imply, Apple’s “ungainly lumpy case” for the iPhone is absolutely somewhat ridiculous, particularly at $99.

In case you’re a staunch defender of one of these product, well, you maybe a sheeple.

Now, there’s no guarantee it’ll be a suitable term in the subsequent school time period paper you write, but you need to use it figuring out it’s now an authentic word in the English language.



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